Ladies of Harley

An All Inclusive Club

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is the group for female Harley Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities and adventures from within a local HOG Chapter.  The members of LOH sponsor activities that both ladies and men can participate in.  LOH is any lady that belongs to HOG, and has a full, lifetime or associate membership, and wishes to participate in the female forum.  The members can be either a rider or a passenger as long as they are willing to participate.

Things You Need To Know

LOH promotes paricipation by ladies in the world of Harley Davidson.  Sometimes sports activities can be dominated by men, i.e. basketball, football, orienteering, mountain climbing, track, need I say more.  Since HOG is all about just having family fun, the auxilary group LOH was formed to provide an avenue for the ladies.  Contact us for details on joining our Chapter.  You must be an international HOG member to join. 

LOH offers members a special embroidered patch and a pin during the first year of membership.  Each renewal year, LOH members receive an LOH pin indicating the year of membership.

Our Choice of Charity

As a Chapter, we often organise rides and events that raise money that we donate to Camp Quality.  Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. Their services and programs are made specifically to help kids aged 0-13 who are dealing with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, like a brother, sister, mum or dad. 

We update our members each month on the progress we are making on funds raised towards this wonderful cause.  We've been actively involved in raising funds for charity, and we simply couldn't do it without the support of our members. 

Our LOH focus is on family friendly environments that help us greatly to achieve our goals in this area. 

If you have any great ideas for a fundraising ride or event, we are always more than happy to hear from you. 

L Plate Riders

We are motorcycle enthusiasts, and as a result, we love seeing people take up the freedom that is riding a Harley Davidson.  Learner riders on R-E Class licences are welcome to join our rides.  We have had many members over the years who have joined as associates, and gone on to get their licences and ride with the Club. 

For the safety of the group we have a few simple rules to go along with the Department of Transport rules applicable to Learner riders and their tutor (shadow).  We recommend our monthly Intro Rides as a great way to introduce yourself to riding in a group.

Check with the Road Captain if the ride is appropriate

As a learner rider, you must have a designated Shadown to ride behind you

Learner riders and Shadow must meet with the Road Captain and Tail End Charlie to understand the route and destination

Learner riders should ride in the right-hand column with their Shadown in the same column behind the learner

If unable to keep up with the main group, the Tail End Charlie will pass you both to keep on the back of the main group.