Every Rider is Responsible for their Own Safety

As a Chapter, we improve safety by agreeing how we are going to ride together, which means you can rely on the people around you, as you can predict what they will do. 

All group riders need to consider the safety of riders around them.

Harley's are big, powerful, heavy and really expensive vehicles, so we won't want them to hit each other

Key People on a Ride

Road Captain

Plans the ride

Reviews weather and road conditions before the ride

Briefs everyone on the ride before heading off

Leads the ride

Makes decisions on the day of any changes to the ride

Sets the pace of the ride

Tail End Charlie

Stays at the back - headlight will be on 'full beam'

Helps anyone who stops or breaks down

Works to keep the group together

Let's the Road Captain know when everyone is ready to proceed

Takes control at an accident

Ride Briefings

These normally start 10-15 minutes befor the ride is due to leave, there may be further briefings after stops on the ride. 

Led by the Road Captain, and will cover:

Introductions of Road Captain and Tail End Charlie

Outline of the ride, including any known hazards or difficult turns etc.

Reminder of how we ride and signals the Road Captain will use

Confirmation that all are comfortable with the plan (they may choose to talk separately to people new to the Chapter rides to provide more information on what they can expect on the ride)

General Ride Rules

Never pass a Road Captain - they know where they are going

Stay in the same lane as the Road Captain - Change lanes safely

Only ever pass other riders when it is safe for everyone around you - Good idea to pick your right position in the group at the start of the ride

Start every ride with a full tank

Have appropriate riding gear for expected conditions

If someone pulls over, don't stop, let the Tail End Charlie help them - otherwise the total ride may become disrupted

If you are not happy riding with people around try signalling 1 or 2 riders to pass you, or pull over and re-join the ride in front of the Tail End Charlie who will slow down, and if needed, stop for you

If you are joining the ride part way through join in after the Tail End Charlie, who will signal you to pass when safe.  Don't push into the pack. 



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