Who we are

A Word From Our Director

Greg 'Thomo' Thomson

So, who is this great family of hoggies that we call ourselves?  We are passionate enthusiasts with Harley-Davidson motorcycles close to our hearts, we love getting out on the road and enjoying the comradery and fun of like-minded people sharing our passion.

I joined the HOGs when I moved to Perth in 2014, I looked to meet new people in my new town outside of work.  I had ridden my '91 Fatboy for 15 years prior but not with a group, living in Sydney, then Brisbane and Auckland before coming to Perth.  Perth has the best climate for enjoying motorcycling year-round, gets a little warm in the middle of summer and a little wet in the middle of winter, but there are very few days that aren't ideal to get on your Harley. 

I have served on the committee for the past few years as Historian, Activities Officer and Assistant Director.  I enjoy the enthusiam and passion of our Chapter members, whether a regular or impromptu ride, social event, supporting our charity, community event or each other, as we tackle the day to day challenges of life as a family.  I'm a relative newcomer to the HOG family, in a Chapter with a great history and many long standing and committed members.  As Director I look forward to guiding the Chapter while we follow the HOG motto; Ride Safe and Have Fun. 

Want to know a bit more about the Perth Chapter, here is a link to our Membership Information Booklet